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Contracts and Procurement

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Understanding the fundamental terms of a deal and developing contracts and bids to reflect them to meet the ever-changing business environment is crucial to achieving business success. Our firm possesses not only legal understanding of the risks but has members who have established successful domestic and international businesses. We understand the potential dangers of forgoing essential terms when negotiating and executing business contracts because we have experienced both the entrepreneur and the attorney perspectives.

Real Estate Development and Landlord/Tenant Relations

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With a background in real estate development, transactions, and landlord/tenant regulations in the Bay Area, our team understands what it takes to procure property and facilitate the successful property investment. Whether it is choosing the appropriate legal entity to establish for your syndication, issuing private placement memorandums, negotiating financial terms with investors, negotiating tenant buyout agreements, or handling other landlord/tenant related affairs our firm can help.

Blockchain Technology and Crypto

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Blockchain technology and Cryptoassets are some of the most exciting fields of technology today. Understanding the legal considerations that your team might need to successfully complete your endeavor is as crucial as the lines of code and protocol systems being built. Our team has spent years studying the technology and is actively engaged with the community - currently organizing meetups around the tech, regulatory, and tax implications.

Securities Regulations and Venture Term Sheets

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The Securities Exchange Commission was formed to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. The codes and requirements can be complicated - especially with evolving innovations to financing structures and venture deals. Our firm can help you prepare for financing mechanisms and term sheet negotiations.

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